A Promotional Video For…Ourselves.

Jogger decides to try parkour with a team of professionals; how hard could it be!?

A fun promotional video we did for ourselves, with the perfect music, “I’m doin’ my thang” by Gramatik. Our character finds himself drawn into the group going free running (parkour) while he’s out for his morning jog. However, he soon discovers that to make it look as great as the professionals do is not as easy as he initially thought.

We filmed this in Salisbury with the participation some of the local free running community, of which our videographer Seb is a member as well! We the enlisted a client and friend Damian, who has a flair for hamming it up and is not afraid to get a little physical, to play the lead character. Being the trooper that he is, Damian did several takes which resulted in quite a few scrapes and cuts, but he wrote it off to being all in a days fun! Damian now uses this video to demonstrate how video can be a part of an overall marketing strategy with his company, Strategize.

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