Creating A Great Corporate Video

Corporate Video 1

If the term “corporate video” conjures images of boring promotional material that’s slightly on the cheesy side and quite clearly done as cheaply as possible, you’re not alone. However, while that may have been the case in the past, video has now become an essential part of a business’ marketing arsenal and, thankfully, the cheesiness has (mostly) been dropped. Ok, so it is still there in some videos, but most of them made it part of their schtick and have done it on purpose. Even better, the widespread use of devices with decent cameras and great low cost DSLR’s means that “on a budget” isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Here are the basics on how to create a corporate video that works for you.

Know what you want to achieve – Don’t assume that your corporate video should automatically be similar to that produced by your competitors. Everyone wants something different from their videos, and yours should reflect your objectives. The most important point here is to have a clear objective and make sure your video is tailored towards it. Make sure viewers instantly know what your business can offer.

Failure to plan is planning to fail – Given that the finished video will form a significant part of your marketing, it deserves a decent amount of planning. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create an outstanding video, but you do need to invest some significant planning time. Ask yourself the following questions at the outset of the project:

  • Who needs to have input into the video’s content?
  • How many people need to be involved?
  • What budget is available?
  • When must the video be completed?
  • What outside help will you need?
  • How will the video be produced?

Remember that producing a great video requires teamwork and collaboration. Make sure you enlist the help of the best people you can get, whether internal or external.

Use real life stories – The best way to market your business is by telling the truth. Don’t make a video of pure fiction – use testimonials from clients, how-to instructional videos or staff experiences to create an authentic impression of your operation. Depending on what your video is intended to achieve, it may be funny or it may be emotional. You may be appealing to a niche, or launching a how-to you hope will go viral. Whatever your aim, make sure it reflects real life. Don’t get carried away though – think short and sweet!

Do the best you possibly can – We know that very few have the expertise, or the budget, to make a corporate video that rivals a Hollywood production, but your videos should always be the best that they can possibly be. If it’s feasible, always enlist the help of a professional production team, at least for part of the process. If you need to record and produce the video yourself, remember to use lighting and good quality audio to boost the impact of your footage. Always use a tripod and leave plenty of time for watching back, editing and re-shooting initial recordings. Remember that a poorly made video can do more damage than good.

Share, share and share some more – The best video in the world won’t do any good if nobody sees it, so you need to make sure your video makes it out into the big bad world. Host it on YouTube and get sharing the link, and embedding the video itself, onto your business website and social media, your own social media and that of as many friends, family and colleagues as you can convince to help you out. Depending on the content of your video, and the industry you operate in, try approaching any external websites or publications that may be interested in circulating it. Every little helps, and who knows which share will be the one that makes your video a winner?

So now you know how to make your video outstanding, you just need to come up with your next fantastic idea! Feel free to call or email us with any questions.