Eurotubes Go To Shanghai With Our Video

Our clients, Eurotubes, recently attended an expo in Shanghai where they wanted a promotional video to present their precision wire guide tubes, their motor winding needles and especially their new EuroDiamond PVD coating technology which is industry leading creating a virtually frictionless surface and extends the life of their nozzles by up to 50%.

The use of this video was to play on the screen at the back of the stand to attract people and show them what Eurotubes is all about. Greg, the Managing Director of Eurotubes, contacted us as we had recently completed a 3 video package for them. We  were able to re-purpose some of the footage that we shot for that project and combine it with some new specialty macro photography to get all the content we needed for this project. That saved quite a bit of onsite filming time required as well as a big saving to Greg on final cost. We next asked for the salient points that we needed to impart in the video. Once we received those, we added the text and some finishing touches such as flare to really create a high end, glossy look.

The video was used to great success in China and will soon be put to use again when Greg and the team head over to Chicago for the North American expo later this fall.

If you have a need for a promotional video of any sort or for any end use, don’t hesitate to contact us here at ProMotion Media. We will always find the most cost effective way of producing astounding video for your business!