Motion Graphic For Kickstand Marketing And BergaMet

‘We had a need for motion graphics for our client, BergaMet, a heart health supplement brand that wanted a video to explain its complex properties to Healthcare Professionals. A tough brief, but ProMotionMedia had the right team, including an animator that knew bioscience! Combined with great ideas and a competitive price, we couldn’t be happier with the end product. We will be sure to use them for all future video and motion graphic needs.’

Iain Lang, Director, Kickstand Marketing


ProMotion Media were contacted by Kickstand Marketing to create a motion graphic video for their Australian clients, BergaMet. This was to be an inward facing video for pharmacists, pharmacy assistants and shop assistants to advise them on the benefits of BergaMet and how it works with the body to assist with things such as fatty liver and metabolic syndrome. We were provided a brief with the major selling points of this great product. We worked with Kickstand Marketing to refine the brief into a script and then a storyboard. It proved a unique challenge in that we had to conceptualize how to bring items such as “AMP-Kinase” and “Co-Q10” onscreen and have it understood by chemists and shop assistants alike. Iain from Kickstand commented on “…the complex nature of the product and brief to get to those key messages and articulate them in a way that’s relevant to a highly educated audience of healthcare professionals. This wasn’t an easy brief.”.  After the storyboard was signed off, we set to work and came up with the finished product and mixed in the voice over. The client was extremely pleased with the end result and we have now been asked to create an outward facing version for the end users to view as well. It will utilize much of the same content but re-purposed with a different script to make clear the benefits of BergaMet to the layman. It truly is a wonderful product and we look forward to working with Kickstand again on the next installation of BergaMet as well as other projects!