The Shiny Life In Dorchester, Dorset

Once again, ProMotion Media teamed up with The Madness of Adam for a fun music video production filmed at an abandoned housing complex in Dorchester, Dorset. This time it was for a remix of their song Shiny Life. It is a combination performance piece with a few additional characters that traipse through the streets and the building in search of the source of the music that they are hearing. The production was all filmed on Sony and Canon DSLR’s with a variety of lenses. Liam, who was lead videographer on the shoot also employed some very creative lens hacks to get some crazy close up effects of Andy while he was singing the chorus’.

Since the Madness of Adam is the creative brainchild of Andy Morritt, Liam and Tom (second camera) also took turns standing in on  various instruments along with Andy’s session drummer Rich for the filming of the performance sequences. The exterior shots of the girls breaking through the chain link fence were creatively lit using a 2015 model Audi A5 and their brilliant (pun intended) LED headlight system. After this point, to get just the right look for what we wanted to achieve when the girls broke into the complex, a variety of the crews mobile phone LED flashlights were used. The effect was perfect! All in all, it was another fun, crazy, creative and interesting night for the ProMotion Media team and Andy and crew.

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