Promotional Video For Salisbury’s Webbed Feet UK

We recently created a promotional video for our friends over at Webbed Feet UK. We’ve known Aaron and Alex, the founders of Webbed Feet for quite a few years now and their reputation as premier web designers in and around the Salisbury area is stellar. We also attend many networking events in common and have also worked with mutual clients in the past; some referred by us to them and some vice versa. During one of our chats recently, it came up that they actually did’t have a video for themselves, touting all the wonderful and creative aspects of the business that they handle. Thus, the impetus to actually do a video for our friends at Webbed Feet was born.

Firstly, we asked them to find a few samples of videos that they liked the look of, and asked them to share what they liked about each one. Once we had our style down, we met and sketched out a basic storyboard and script of what was needed for their video. As developmental work on websites was a critical element, some screen grab video of them working on various sites was the first step in showing, in a very engaging way, what they do. We then spent a day at their offices capturing the presentation by Aaron and Alex, and filming the whole team in action, including a meeting with an actual client, who very kindly agreed to be filmed. Even Flipper, their mascot, made it into the video.

On the day of, we used our Canon 5D MkIII’s with a variety of lenses (85mm prime, 17 – 40mm, 24 – 70mm, and the 70 – 200mm zoom) to get all the great shots we needed for the body of the video. With a combination of the screen capture, some hand held, slider and tripod shots, we pieced everything together for them. The resulting video was met with an enthusiastic thumbs up from everyone at Webbed Feet and after they put it up on their website and did some basic promotion, it has garnered over 2000 views in the first two weeks!

Video is a great way for your clients to virtually “meet” you before they actually pick up the phone and make that first appointment to come in and meet you in person. If you would like to know more about how we can create an engaging video that works for you, contact us on 01722 770770 today!