Why Your Business Should Have Testimonial Video

Testimonial Video

All businesses depend on their reputation for ongoing success and yours is no different.

It’s not purely about furthering your business either; you’re good at what you do and you’ll always go the extra mile for your clients. You take pride in your work, and you always complete it to the absolute best of your ability.

Now that you’ve done this, you must find a way to communicate your strengths and ethos to potential clients. The question is, how do you get this message across?

You could, of course, spend a fortune on advertising to shout from the rooftops about how outstanding your product or service is and, tongue in cheek aside, this is essential in its own right.

However, people are so used to marketing campaigns and expensive advertising techniques that they tend to take their claims with a pinch of salt. What people do believe is the word of other people, just like them.

Testimonials in all their forms can work wonders towards inspiring trust in your business. In fact, many businesses benefit from a website page featuring quoted customer feedback. One thing that works even better than text is the ability to see and hear those positive reviews from the horse’s mouth, as it were.

With almost 80% of people saying they trust online reviews as much as those from their own family and friends, video testimonials are a fantastic way to effective convey the message about why your business should be the provider of choice.

Video testimonials needn’t be a costly investment for your business; most people now own a smartphone or tablet which is more than adequate for recording a simple review. There are even fantastic options to get the most out of your phone, such as the Beastgrip ProSee our other post for some tips on filming a great testimonial video.

Depending on your budget and your requirements, you may prefer to enlist the services of a professional video production team (such as ourselves, perhaps!)


Regardless of the way in which you choose to create your video testimonials, here’s why you really should use them.


3 reasons why your business needs video testimonials


Forging an emotional connection – While a text testimonial may state exactly why a client chose to use your business, found your service exceptional and decided to recommend you to others, it lacks a certain emotional depth. Anyone could have written it!

On the other hand, a video testimonial allows potential clients to see the reviewer, hear the tone in their voice and read their body language. It’s a far more convincing and relatable medium.

In short, video testimonials come across as much more authentic than their text counterparts.

Building trust – In these days of prolific social networking and related marketing, word of mouth is more important, and more powerful than ever. How many times have you seen people tweet a complaint, only to have it responded to and resolved in record time?

This works in reverse too; word of mouth recommendations are considerably more effective than marketing alone.

Video testimonials involve real people telling real stories about a real, outstanding service. When you think back to the point about 80% of people trusting these recommendations as much as those offered by a loved one, the benefit of video testimonials is increasingly obvious.

All of that, and more, for very little cost – Effective marketing, trustworthy recommendations and the potential to reach a practically unlimited audience when posted online seems like a proposal too good to be true.

Luckily, it very much is true and you can achieve it.

Identify some satisfied customers who are happy to talk about their experience (an incentive may help the slightly camera shy), make the most of the high-quality recording device that is your smartphone and your business can reap the rewards.

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